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I'm a long-suffering sports fan  and Bowled Over is a desire to see a hoped-for result (I can dream). The Heart Series was inspired by visits to a women's prison as part of a community-outreach project. Devotionals For Women is the end-product of devotionals written to inspire and encourage other women.

Sweet, second-chance sports romance
Bowled Over





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Sports writer Gina Elliot fiercely needs to prove herself in a male-dominated profession. When the hottest scoop of her career plummets into her lap, she pursues the lead all the way to the Cricket World Championship in India. Until Gina steps back into his life, star player Storm Jones has only one desire – to take home the elusive World Championship trophy. To his surprise, he finds renewing his eight-year-old failed relationship with Gina is suddenly as important as winning the top prize. When whispers of match-fixing implicate Storm, Gina must make a decision. Will she choose her coveted career or the man she might just be falling in love with once again?

"Vida paints the world of international cricket and the tough role of a woman sports journalist in such a way that I could understand what seems to me a complicated sport. Even more poignant is how a woman journalist juggles her career with her love for a star on the South African cricket team. One misstep and she could lose either her job, her love, or both." - Judith Nasse, Amazon review

Women's fiction family fiction
Aching Heart
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​Nursing sister Hannah Dervain's orderly life is turned upside down when her annual check-up reveals she has cancer. Now Hannah has to fight for her health and to heal her relationship with her estranged daughter, Savanna, who is in jail. Hannah’s bombshell tugs at her daughter’s heartstrings. Overturning Savanna's ban on visiting her in prison is the easy part. Their past disappointments, hurt and pain rear up once more. They are tougher to tackle as Savanna confronts challenges of her own. Her daughter’s latest ill-conceived scheme threatens the progress they are making. Can Hannah find the courage to take a stand and be the mother she longs to be?

"This is a beautifully written story about addiction, love and loss. It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs."  - Erin Figueiredo, Goodreads review 

Sweet romance, second-chance in life, women's fiction
Lonely Heart



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Trust can't grow on lies…
Craving a fresh start and making up for lost time is what brings Savanna to the Ivory Coast. Work. Adventure. New people. After a stint in jail, she's ready to seize it all. But new love and healthy relationships can't grow when she keeps the door to parts of her life firmly shut. What happens when that door won't stay closed? Can Savanna seal the deal when her past threatens to derail her fragile new relationship with Alexander?

"A story of forgiveness and acceptance from yourself for your past." - SamBird, Goodreads review

Short devotions based on women in the Bible
Devotionals For Women



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Are you deeply rooted in the scriptures? Dig into the Bible by taking a month-long devotional journey to deepen your faith. Find women in the Bible you can learn from by applying the lessons from their lives to your own today. You will have time to reflect, focus your prayers and decide on the practical action to draw you closer to God and to others.

"This devotional was encouraging yet convicting. It allowed the readers a modern day look into the lives of biblical women with a challenge to practice the principles in every day life." - Melissa, Kindle review

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