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19 September 2021: Australian author Rita Lee Chapman invited me to chat about the inspiration behind my books. Read it here:
February 2021: Australian author Birdie Song featured me on her blog to chat about Remember Me, my latest Young Adult novella, here:
December 2020: Author interview
A chat with Shirley Corder about Promises to Cherish, here:
3 July 2020: Author mention
Author Anna Jensen mentioned my Devotionals Book for Women in her newsletter.  Read it here.
25 April 2020: Guest blog post chatting about The Heart Series here: 
14 April 2020: Interview by Shirley Corder on Devotionals For Women: 31 Days to Deeper Faith book


What a privilege to chat to fellow Christian author Shirley Corder about the inspiration behind Devotionals For Women: 31 Days to Deeper Faith.

10 February 2020: Interview by Leenna Naidoo on about the Heart Series 
I had the honourto talk about how Lonely Heart and Aching Heart came about.

25 April 2019 Author Linzé Brandon featured Aching Heart on her blogspo

Authors helping other authors – Linzé Brandon featured Aching Heart with its original cover on her blogspot. I cringe when I see that book cover now, but I loved it at the time [chuckle].

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