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Book launch - Aching Heart

Aching Heart (#1 Heart Series)

Finally! I'm launching my e-book Aching Heart today, and it's available on most digital platforms. - Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Kobo, amongst others.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

This is the first in the Heart Series of three standalone novels.

Blurb: Nursing sister Hannah Dervain functions best by following a set routine. That leaves her little time to drown her sorrows in alcohol over what she has lost.

Her orderly life is turned upside down when her annual check-up reveals she has cancer. Now Hannah has to fight for her health and to heal her relationship with her estranged daughter, Savanna, who is in jail.

Hannah’s bombshell tugs at her daughter’s heartstrings. Overturning Savanna's ban on visiting her in prison is the easy part. Their past disappointments, hurts and pain rear up once more. They are tougher to tackle as Savanna confronts challenges of her own.

Her daughter’s latest ill-conceived scheme threatens the progress they are making. Can Hannah find the courage to take a stand and be the mother she longs to be?

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