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How to help your girl child love her tresses

Women of all ages can have a complicated relationship with their hair, and no-one knows that better than a mother. But when a mom is also a health strategist who can offer tips on how to shape that relationship, then all the better. We featured Dr Patti O'Brien-Richardson on True Love magazine's website this week as she tackled this question: (Photos: Supplied)

Dr Patti O'Brien-Richardson is the founder of Curls On The Move Dr Patti O’Brien-Richardson is an Associate Professor of Teaching at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy (Rutgers University) in the USA.  Her research explores social, cultural, and structural factors that influence the health of women and girls of African descent, such as hair, and has been featured in and NJTV News. She has also presented widely contributing to the growing body of literature addressing the need for public policies on hair discrimination and the right to maintain natural hair and hairstyles.  Previously, she spent ten years living in sub-Saharan Africa supervising faith-based humanitarian projects in eight countries including South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar, Botswana, and Mozambique. For more info on her work visit

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