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How to write effective content

Hands up if you want to write content that people will read and respond to. The first thing to remember is that it is not about you, the writer, but about the reader. And that writing is not a once-off activity. So if you’re willing to persevere and put in the effort to reach your goal, then this book will be of great help.

This writer knows her stuff—she’s lived it, made lots of mistakes along the way, and persevered because, ultimately, she loves writing. In fact, she puts into practice many of the concepts she writes about. She shares from her life and the struggles she encountered in her career. That’s why she frenquently gets straight to the point and is generous with lots of tips and information.

Simply stated, this book is a treasure trove, and she writes in an easy-to-understand style, yet is respectful of the reader’s level of expertise.

That said, before you start, decide what is the goal behind your writing. Do you want to generate social engagement, improve where your content ranks, get people to link to your pages or to generate leads? Whatever it is, “focus on smashing one goal per piece, anything else is a bonus”, as Kateryna advises. Another key point is you cannot do it all with one piece of writing.

That’s why you need to imagine what your reader wants, and how they go about finding it. People want to “buy a better version of themselves”, she says, whether that is an app, shoes, or service. Then they search the Internet for information, to find a website to complete an action, or to buy a product or service.

The writer unpacks 11 principles on how to achieve your goals. For example, connect with your readers, share common experiences, and turn your content into solutions. And there are 40 exercises to help you practice writing rules, lots of practical tips, and resources scattered through the chapters.

Although there are many takeaways from this book, what I learned is to get to the point from the start, the value of critique and collaboration, and that your ego is your enemy. And, I’m encouraged that “by improving your writing, you can improve your thinking”. That said, practice makes perfect.

Finally, this book is a handy reference to dip into again and again. It is a must-read for the success you aim for.

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