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Six doable steps to give your marriage a makeover

If I was a newlywed, or in a marriage experiencing a few wobbles, or extreme turbulence, then I’d love to sit down with Dr. Fisher for a chat. As that is not possible, this e-book that I read is the next-best solution. Even those whose marriages are in great shape will benefit. Here, you’ll find professional advice written in a conversational style. It is easy to read, but calls for effort and perseverance if you want marital satisfaction. One of the best ways to learn is from the mistakes of others. The author shares plenty of his own, and uses case studies to illustrate the six steps he proposes. These six steps include establishing a covenant foundation and not think of divorce as an option; owning your brokenness; learning to share power; developing emotional attachment; cultivating sexual fireworks, and staying in love. For best results, you must follow them in the order presented. If your marriage has some miles on it, then you’ll recognize yourself and your spouse in the pages of this book. You’ll nod your head in agreement, chuckle, or cringe with embarrassment. Best of all, you’ll find solutions. There are many books on marriage on the market, and some concepts in this book are not new. But what sets it apart is the simplicity of the advice. The application questions and exercises are very doable, and you can use the book as a handy reference to dip into whenever needed.

What I liked is that the writer does not ascribe to any particular philosophy or world view. Couples everywhere can apply these six steps and get results. The personality test that Dr. Fisher recommends is a useful tool in understanding yourself and your spouse. And women, in particular, will enjoy the tips offered in chapter five and six. This book offers hope for all couples. But it requires honesty in admitting in which season your marriage is at. Both partners need to commit to reap the desired results. Dr. Fisher compares marriage to a garden that is alive and requires tending. You will get out what you put in. This book is not too short or too long. It is just right. Invest in your marriage–get a copy. Your spouse will thank you.


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