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#FridayReads: What to read next

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I had a busy month of reading romance and wrote some reviews:

If you enjoy a short, fast, romantic read, then this story ticks all the right boxes.

Hadi feels the pressure as she returns to her old high school as the new principal. She immediately attempts to assert her authority, but clashes with her old classmate, Christopher, who has set up a taco truck right opposite the school. Few women can resist a guy who can cook up a storm, but Christopher has his work cut out in thawing Hadi's heart.

The story is too short to develop some of tension and obstacles thrown up in the story in the way they deserve. But, what you have is a heartwarming story about ordinary people in search of their happily ever afters in a refreshingly different setting.

This was the first book by this author that I read and I look forward to more stories in the series.

Rating: ****

Life often takes you by surprise when you least expect it. Claudia is a former ballerina who meets up with her childhood friend Reid in the small town where they both grew up. Claudia is under pressure to deliver location shots for the TV documentary based on her life. Reid gets caught up in all the action when he has to fend off pugnacious attention from the young adult actress chosen to play the part of a young Claudia. On top of that, they need to deal with the long-buried feelings they have for each other.

The plot is simple; the characters are relatable and this a quick, easy read in the Wintervale Series. This is the first book by this author that I read, and it provided an enjoyable interlude.

Rating: ****

Alia moves to New Delhi to start a new life. She moves into an apartment block and is intrigued by her new neighbour Vikrant who is very secretive, yet somehow seems connected to her ex-boyfriend.

This is an interesting premise that promises much but delivers very little. The story is let down due to poor plot development, a lack of character motivation or growth as the story progresses. It is hard to like the main characters or even to sympathise with them; the flashbacks are confusing and feel rushed rather than shedding light on why the characters do what they do.

Rating: **

I was drawn to this book by the beautiful cover and the storyline. I tried but, sadly, I could not make head or tail out of the story. There is no clear beginning, little character development and sometimes huge jumps in action in just one paragraph without explaining why the characters did what they did. Trisha sounds and acts like a spoiled brat. Maybe if the story was a bit longer there would've been room to explain it all better.

Rating: **

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