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Three Things Needed To Win Nanowrimo 2019

The end goal of participating in Nanowrimo 2019

Every wanted to write a novel? Well, you're in luck. It's 1 November - the start of National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo). That means it's time to write and complete your 50 000 novel by the end of this month. For real, this time. If that's your goal, congratulations on making a very brave decision. So, what are you doing reading this post? But... seeing that you are here now and before you go, I'll share with you three things that will help you reach your goal before 1 December:

1. Don't give up. Not for anything. No excuses, just be determined that you are not going to quit, no matter what happens. Remember that "impossible" is not a word, just a reason not to try. And that's not going to be you, you're going to give it all you've got.

2. Have a plan. It doesn't have to be a detailed one. But it will help you not to waste any writing time or to get stuck, if you at least know how the story starts and how it ends. You'll figure out those pesky parts in the middle. If you, like me, gets bored writing detailed outlines, then take time to at least write down what happens in the first five scenes. Once you're done writing the first five, then write a sentence or two on the next five scenes and sit down and write again. I'm now officially a plantser (someone between a planner and pantser). And if you can spare 66 minutes, here's a useful one-page plot outline I found super helpful that I'm planning to use:https://www.eadeverell.com/how-to-plot-a-novel/

This will save you tons of time whenever you feel stuck in the storytelling process. But do it today if you can. Otherwise, don't.

3. Make time to write. Ha! How else did you think you were going to do it. Most writers I know have full-time jobs, and have to find time to write. This could be early in the morning, during your lunch hour or at night (for most of us). I'm a morning person, so I'm usually very tired by the time I get home. So what helps me, is to use the notes application on my phone and to write whenever and wherever I can - while eating my breakfast (50 words do count towards your daily word goal) waiting in a queue . . . literally, everywhere where you can sit down for any given period of time. Then I write at night to make sure I reach my daily goal and go all out over the weekends. Do as much writing as you can in the first two weeks before the enthusiasm wears off and it becomes a grind where you have to grit your teeth. Don't waste time watching TV and let your family know you will become invisible at particular times during the day.

Before you know it, what may now seem like an elusive goal of 50 000 will be there for the taking.

So, what are you waiting for? See you on the other side of 1667 words (the target today and every day of this month) and 50 000 at the end.

You may face obstacles along the way in your quest. But, you can do it!

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