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What's on my bookshelf this month?

The owners of the big social media platforms dictate who can see your posts and when, so it's nice to know your website remains your own to do what you like. So, here goes...

While Valentine's Day is firmly in the rearview mirror, romance is still in the air. And, in this month's group promotions, I'm doing my bit to #helpanauthor by reading, and writing reviews. I devoured Francine Beaton's Love, Life & Unicorns, and Ray of Hope, and I'm currently reading MC Frank's Hooked, and The Highlander's Secret Princess, by Debra Chapoton.

Check them out below. I'm sure you'll find something you like:

There are over 40 titles to choose from in the giveaway below. Subscribe and read:

St Patrick's Day on 17 March has evolved from honouring the patron saint of Ireland to celebrating everything Irish. Even so, you might be lucky and find at least one book you like among the more than 50 titles in the sales promo below. I've got four of my books in this mix. Check them out:

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