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Which diet is best for you?

Keto or low carb? What about soups, intermittent fasting or the DASH diet? And what in the world is volumetrics? If you are hunting for a successful weight-loss program, then the overload of information available will make your head spin. Well, here, at last, is everything you need to know about how to lose weight and keep it off. Best of all, it comes from an expert–a dietician and nutritionist, not a celebrity, social media influencer or marketer.

Here is my review of The Great Weight Debate by Amy Newman Shapiro:

The best diet, according to the author, is one that considers your food preferences, lifestyle, schedule, and if the food you need is available. But, first off, you need to grasp that your health is more important than weight loss. A healthy body will make it easier to lose the pounds. Wellness includes how you feel, how much sleep you’re getting, and making wise food choices. So, small, doable, and incremental changes will develop good habits. This, she says, will motivate you with short-term success and lead to lasting lifestyle changes. Deep down, we know this, but it is a welcome reminder. This book offers no “correct way” to lose weight nor a quick-fix. Instead, you’ll find useful information that is easy to digest. The author summarizes over 20 diets–the good, the bad, and the popular. She explains how each one works and examines the benefits. Then she stacks it up against the latest scientific research available, looks at who it might benefit, and when to give it a miss. Amy dissects diet fads, eating trends, and gives a rundown of useful apps. Best of all, she offers strategies, based on her experience in helping people lose and keep weight off. These include what to do when your weight plateaus, and how to maintain a healthy weight. This page-turner includes everything you need to make an informed decision. The writing style is straightforward, and she offers lots of encouragement. My takeaways from the book include being mindful of how lack of sleep or a busy schedule can lead to poor food choices. Another is how a healthy diet can improve common health issues. This handy guide can kick-start your weight-loss journey, and you can refer to it when needed. I recommend it for anyone who desires sustainable weight loss. But only if you are ready to put in the time, effort, and practice to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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