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How was Valentine's Day for you?

Updated: Feb 18

Did you miss out on chocolate, flowers and cards for Valentine's Day? I'm sorry. But you're not alone. So did I. Why not stock up on some books from authors around the world? Enjoy these freebies (click on the covers). We'll both feel better.

Escape to the country with this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.

Moving to Cameron Valley, the small hometown of her boyfriend, Josh, Molly imagined she’d be knee-deep in the community with plenty to do. But, so far, all she’s done is join a reluctant country women’s group and offend the locals with ideas to improve the town. When Josh’s ex, Pippy Henderson, returns to Cameron Valley, Molly finds it even harder to find her place, particularly when Pippy makes it clear she is back to claim what was once hers. There’s only one thing for it. To one-up Pippy with a bake-off event Cameron Valley will never forget. And then get it on national television. By showing the nation how idyllic country living is, Molly can win the approval of the town and show Josh she’s just as perfect as Pippy. But when Gary Hadley, once the prince of television, arrives in ameron Valley to shoot the event, Molly finds she may have bitten off more than she can chew. And in trying to impress everyone, she may have pushed her man right into the waiting arms of Pippy. Can she pull off a perfect day and show Josh and the town that she belongs? Or has perfection been within her reach all along?

A Hollywood meets New Zealand Seaside Romance.

Nurse Claudia copes with her husband leaving her for another man by working hard and stop dreaming. Her farm, the nine-year-old orphan she adopted, and now nursing the crazy American who crashed into her fence keeping her busy around the clock. Connor Anderson leads a charmed life. Men want to be him, women want to be with him, and Hollywood simply wants him. He knows exactly where he’s going. Crashing his car in the backwaters of New Zealand changes everything. When Hollywood stardom collides with down to earth Kiwi common sense, sparks are flying. Everything spins out of control, and the past proves to be a formidable enemy.

A sweet romantic suspense novella

or Ellie, getting paid to spend her summer outside sounds like the ideal internship, even if it means paddling up and down a river twelve hours a day. Sure, she’s never actually been in a kayak before, but how hard could it be? At least she knows how to set up camp at night. Unlike her co-worker. Though Clay may be captain of the crew team, she could teach him a thing or two about spending the night in a sleeping bag. And then there’s the whole lake monster thing. Of course, Ellie knows water monsters aren’t real but Clay doesn’t seem convinced, especially after a boater goes missing. When mysterious accidents threaten her job security, Ellie starts to wonder why the “monster” wants her gone.



Redemption Looks A Lot Like Love

He’s one court date away from ruining his life.

She’s the one person that can help him.

And she loathes him.

Can he redeem himself enough to make her

believe he’s changed?

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