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Never too late to start—Shirley Corder

She's a wife, mother and grandma. Author Shirley Corder shares about her mothering style, her late start to writing, and writing her first novel...

You are a mother and grandmother. What is your mothering style?

As a mother, I was a disciplinarian. I loved my kids dearly, but living in the ministry, I had no time for bad behaviour. As a grandmother, I have very little contact with my grandchildren due to distance (and Covid) so when I’m with them I’m totally relaxed. Discipline is their parents' concern!

Shirley (on the left) with her daughter, Debbie.

How many grandchildren do you have and what do you enjoy most about being a grandmother?

Six – 21 years apart. Plus one “add-on” as my eldest grandson is married in the States. I haven’t seen him for about 7 years and haven’t met our granddaughter-in-law yet. Because of their (the grandkids) huge age gap, it’s difficult to answer this question. I love sharing interest in cover design with my eldest granddaughter who's a qualified graphic artist. I enjoy the way the six of them are all so different. Despite our distance, on the rare occasions we're together, the love is always there. We never went through a stage of them wanting to withdraw from us.

What's the best mothering advice you've received?

I’m not sure if I ever received any. But if I were to give it today, I would say allow each child to develop their own talents and abilities. Don’t try to make them the same. I’ve known families where the children were all treated alike. But I believe they should be encouraged to grow their own personalities within behavioural guidelines, obviously.

What motivated you to write and how many books have you written so far?

I started writing for publication late in life. I wrote two plays which were produced in the local church in my teens, and continued to write plays and poetry throughout my working life. I received a clear lead from the Lord that I was to sign up with a correspondence course for writing in all genres. As I came to the end of the course, I developed aggressive cancer, and had to stop working as a nursing sister due to a low immunity. During chemotherapy, I again received clear leading from the Lord that I was to write about my experiences and the wonderful things He was doing in my life. My first book, Strength Renewed, is a book of devotions based on that part of my life. I have 12 published books, most in paperback, and all but one in electronic format.

What is your encouragement to those who have yet to take the first step towards writing a book?

Stop learning HOW to do it, and get on with the job. Tackle a topic you feel passionate about. It doesn’t need to be a novel or even a full book. Write for anthologies. The devotional market is a wonderful place to learn how to hone your craft.

What do you do for fun?

I’ve always had at least one hobby on the go, but right now I’m between hobbies. I create greeting cards and have a cupboard full of equipment, but this is one of many areas that Covid has destroyed. I’ve lost my markets and here in South Africa our postal system is almost defunct. So no one buys or sells cards any more.

What writing project (s) are you busy with now and when can readers expect it?

I’m busy editing Finding Amanda, a contemporary women’s novel about an overwhelmed minister’s wife who runs away in an effort to find herself. I’m hoping to have it ready for publication somewhere around mid-year. Its sequel, Discovering Carey, is completed in first draft.

Shirley has a devotions box set—To Mother with Love—out right now. Check it out here.

For more info on Shirley Corder, visit:

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May 09, 2022

Shirley, you are quite an inspiraiton!🌼

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