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Book review: Nearly Her—A rollicking escape

I looked forward to this, the third book in the Chicago Lights series, since I enjoyed the first two books and loved getting to know and like the full cast of characters. Jill’s story is a rollicking trip set in the Swiss Alps. The author brought the setting to life with great skill—I could see the castle and almost taste the food.

While Ben is a romantic dreamboat, the same cannot be said for Jill. I didn’t like some things she did in the second book, and this was more of the same. Also, I couldn’t connect with this main character who lies with great ease (and I don't mean the twin switch) and sometimes seems plain mean, but maybe that’s just me. I even put the book down for a week before I could get to the end.

Having said that, she mercifully undergoes some growth in her character even as she gets caught up in the tangled web she weaved.

Finally, the story is well written, has a magnificent setting, snappy dialogue, and contains all-round entertainment.


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